Refer your friends once. Every time they trade on RocketX you get up to 50% commission as referral rewards. Your friend gets 20% discount* on fee for 30 days.

  • 1. Generate Ref. Link

    Go to the Referral section in the dApp & Connect Wallet to Generate Referral Link.

  • 2. Invite People

    Invite your friends and followers to earn up to 50% commission on all the trades they do on RocketX.

  • 3. Earn USDT

    The more referred, the better the rewards. The rewards will be airdropped on a monthly basis to BNB address till 6 months from the date of referral.

There will be no referral rewards for swaps via DEX. Referral rewards are applicable for swaps via CEX only.
We currently support referral for Ethereum & all EVM compatible networks. The payment of commission is at our own discretion. We maintain the right to modify guidelines without any prior notice.
Discount applies for the platform fee above the minimum fee.