Best Prices. Any Token.

RocketX is the most advanced hybrid aggregator that simplifies access to liquidity across 250+ CEX & DEX via most secure UI and APIs.

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Swap from one network to another in the cheapest
and fastest way possible.

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Full featured

& Decentralized

  • Access to Global Liquidity

    We simplify access to 15000+ tokens across 250+ exchanges via single intuitive UI & APIs.

  • Swap 2 Any Wallet

    With 1-click you can swap from 1 wallet and receive tokens on a different wallet of your choice.

  • Cross-Chain Swaps

    We are on a mission to simplify inter-operability between all leading blockchains & support 1-Click Cross Swaps.

  • Best Prices

    Compare & Save More with RocketX. We make it easy to compare Crypto-Currency prices across hundreds of Crypto Exchanges and Save Big with Every Swap.

  • Non-custodial

    Not your keys, not your tokens. We help users take complete control of their tokens.

  • Trading History

    All trades on RocketX are just a click away with RVFscan in real-time.


& Rewards

Holding RVF gives you quarterly revenue rewards.
Referring friends provides additional rewards.

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  • Refer & Earn

    Up to 50% Comission
  • Sign-up Rewards

    $10 up on 10 TX via CEX
  • BUSD Airdrop

    By Holding 100K RVF
  • $7,800

    ready for distribution
  • $82,100

    all time earnings


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RocketX Exchange has undergone multiple security audits. With every major update we revise our audits.



  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Q1

    350+ Token Support
    Wallet Connect Support
    1inch DEX Integration
    150+ DEX Integration
    Support to 7 Networks
    BNB Chain, Ethereum &
    Polygon Bridges
  • Q2

    10,000+ Token Support
    Solana Chain Integration
    Fantom Chain Integration
    Paraswap Integration
    Coinbase Wallet Support
    Phantom Wallet Support
    Jupiter Aggregation
    Optimism, Avalanche,
    Arbitrum etc. Bridges
  • Q3

    KuCoin Integration
    New DEX Integrations
    RocketX Rebranding
    Referral Campaign Launch
    4 New Wallet Integrations
    BTC & 5 New Blockchain
    15+ Network Support
  • Q4

    OKX Integration
    ADA & 5 New Blockchain
    20+ Network Support
    FIAT On / Off Ramp
    New DEX integrations
    4 New Wallet Integrations