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The cryptocurrency boom has spawned various trading exchanges, but investors struggle to manage their assets across different platforms. Crypto aggregators like RocketX provide a solution by enabling traders to trade any token on any exchange while comparing prices in one place. With access to over 250 CEX and DEX, RocketX offers seamless trading and complete asset control at the best prices.



In the past few years, cryptocurrency has snowballed, with over 20k types of cryptocurrencies in circulation now. The crypto trader’s count has dramatically increased despite the volatility, bear market, and economic disruption.

The scenario gives rise to the opening of thousands of new crypto trading exchanges. Some of them are centralized exchanges, whereas some are decentralized in operations. However, rules and regulations in certain countries and the conservative approach toward crypto tokens have significantly hindered mass adoption.

Investors also face difficulties accessing, conducting transactions, and tracking their crypto assets in various exchanges. Nevertheless, crypto aggregator platforms emerged as a boon for crypto traders. Let us understand what a crypto aggregator is and how it helps the crypto community to trade their digital assets.

What Is a Crypto Aggregator Platform?

Before moving into crypto aggregators, let’s talk about CEX and DEX. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to trade cryptocurrencies from different blockchains and have a great user experience. Users can convert their crypto to fiat currency.

Exchanges include Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, OKX and KuCoin are some of them. Their “centralized” nature, however, implies that the exchange has control over the user’s data and crypto assets. In addition to its centralized nature, CEX also has the following drawbacks.

1. Security: Centralized exchanges stores and handle data at a single point. Hacking/Bankruptcy that can result in the loss of millions/billions worth of dollars. CEX users do not have their private keys with them, so any such event can drain user crypto assets.

2. Downtime: CEX has an increased downtime which can happen due to technical failure or if any authority asks them to halt operations.

3. Limited tokens: CEX has a limited number of tokens, and the authority can list and delist tokens in their exchanges.

4. Lack of transparency: Due to its monopolistic environment, CEX lacks transparency.

Decentralized exchange AKA DEX is the second type of crypto exchange that is launched to solve the issue of control of user assets. Users have complete control over their assets in DEX. Uniswap and Pancake Swap are some of the famous DEX. However, DEX has some disadvantages.

1. Liquidity: DEX has low liquidity & slippage issues, which impedes users from entering DEX. 

2. Speed and efficiency: DEX takes more time to confirm transactions. There can be blockchain congestions during high traffic, resulting in low speed, efficiency & high gas fees.

3. Scalability: The scalability issue of blockchains will affect the transactions in DEX.

We have now seen the significant advantage and disadvantages of CEX and DEX. Here comes the importance of crypto aggregators to offer crypto investors a more advanced and seamless user experience in trading crypto. 

Crypto aggregators gather and analyze information from many exchanges to give users a consolidated view of the market in a single frame. Traders can trade any token on any exchange by comparing prices using this crypto aggregator platform.

In order to get more tokens with lower gas fee, these aggregators aim to offer traders the best price possible in the market in a trading session. Aggregators facilitate prices across exchanges by tracking the bid and ask prices and liquidity of each asset currently trading in the market.

Aggregators hence help traders to swap, placing trades efficiently with the best price available in the market by bringing various crypto exchanges together.

Which Are the Best Crypto Aggregator Platforms Today?

Numerous crypto aggregator platforms have been launching in the market daily, seeing the opportunity to grow in the emerging crypto industry. However, You have to research and understand the features of each platform, the number of CEX and DEX associated, transaction fees, and ease of inter-operability before selecting a platform. Here are some of the names.

1 inch is a DEX aggregator that facilitates traders to buy tokens from DEX. They allow ERC -20 token swaps within the chain. Nonetheless, if you have to swap between different chains, you need to get third-party help.

Paraswap is another DEX aggregator that offers the best prices from multiple DEX. 

Kyber Swap is another alternative that offers prices from 60 DEX for users. However, these aggregators only work with DEXs.   

If you are searching for an all-in-one hybrid aggregator, RocketX is one of the leading hybrid aggregators in the industry. RocketX is a full-featured and fully decentralized non-custodial hybrid crypto aggregator platform that is the leading and most advanced crypto aggregator in the industry now. This global liquidity aggregator protocol aims to assist individual, institutional and retail traders in accessing the best liquidity in Crypto market.

The platform aggregates over 250 CEX & DEX via the most secure UI and APIs. Here are some breakthrough features of RocketX.

  1. RocketX provides access to 15000+ tokens across various CEX and DEX. RocketX is the only platform that offers users complete control over their assets and still can trade on all leading CEXs.
  2. Users can swap tokens from one wallet to another wallet of user’s choice with a minimum swapping fee, as it presents all the options available in the market at a click of a button. Additionally, it offers 1-click cross-chain swaps to boost interoperability between blockchains.
  3. The state-of-the-art algorithm of the RocketX platform allows users to trade for the best price possible. Users can compare the price of tokens across various exchanges, both cex and dex, together in a single window. The data updating system of RocketX is the fastest and provides a seamless user experience to offer maximum savings to customers.
  4. Most importantly it allows the user to trade on all leading centralised exchanges from user’s favourite DeFi wallet and enjoy 100% ownership of the digital assets.
  5. Using, one can check the real-time analytics of the platform.

The brand also offers a referral and affiliate program where the existing users can refer new users and earn up to 50% commission based on the total volume swapped by the new user. Customers can easily log in and connect their wallets to trade. 

Users can also trade without logging in within the daily limit via CEX. However, users that completed KYC can enjoy an unlimited trading experience across all leading CEXs. The KYC procedure is simple and can be completed in one go. The best part is users can complete KYC once with RocketX and access all the leading CEXs from the most secure UI.

RVF is the utility token of RocketX. Holders of RVF get additional perks and early holder benefits while trading with the platform. The percentage of discount increases based on the number of RVF tokens the user holds. Read more details here.

“Today we use aggregators for almost everything in our daily lives.

  • To book a taxi, we use an aggregator.
  • To reserve a flight, we use an aggregator.
  • To book a hotel, we use an aggregator.
  • To order our grocery, we use an aggregator.
  • To order food, we use an aggregator.

There is no doubt, aggregators are the future of Crypto trading “, says Davinder Singh, co-founder and CTO at RocketX.

Stop thinking and Start trading

Blockchain technology is here to make the life of people more accessible with technology. Web3 grows at an accelerating pace and extends into all niches indicating crypto and DeFi will be the future. Leveraging the advantage of the scenario, numerous trading and investing platforms are also mushrooming in the space.

What you need is a secure and hassle-free platform to trade your crypto. The all-in-one solution to handle your token is to sign up with a crypto aggregator platform where you can trade with the best prices and lowest gas fee. You don’t have to research the pros and cons of CEX or DEX while using a hybrid aggregator as it serves all the options on a platter. You can relax because you own complete control of your assets. If you haven’t started yet, master your crypto game today.

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