We are happy to announce the “Publish 2 Earn” competition where you can earn $RVF by publishing quality content to amplify what we are doing at RocketX.

Publish and earn RVF tokens, the native tokens of RocketX exchange

The competition will be held from 1st Dec 00:00 UTC until 31st Dec 24:00 UTC.

$500 worth of $RVF to be won:

  • Blog on medium or any blogger site
  • Video on YouTube / TikTok / Instagram / Facebook or any other media of your choice
  • Social media posts like “a thread on Twitter”, “LinkedIn post” etc
  • You may also send the content to us via e-mail at [email protected] or DM on telegram at https://t.me/Adira0110 or DM on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Adira_RVF
    • Best aggregator
    • 1-click cross-chain swaps & bridges
    • Interoperability
    • Best Prices
    • Self Custody
    • Most advanced crypto trading platform
    • 1-stop shop for crypto trading

    Rules for participators:

    1. Follow our Twitter and retweet this competition Twitter post.
    2. Update the form with your address to receive $RVF and the link to published content.
    3. By participating in the competition you agree to transfer the IP rights of the published content to RocketX and allow RocketX to publish the content on our blog site if we wish to do so.
    4. There will be additional weightage given to good, catchy titles.
    5. For the distribution of rewards, the price of $RVF is considered as $0.08 (the listing price)

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