RocketX Account Creation

Is It Necessary to Create an Account on Rocketx?

Though you can create an account to login to the website, the exchange allows you to use the platform by just connecting your wallet. However, creating an account gives you additional benefits, like no limit on trade done via CEX, whitelist wallet addresses, and more.

Steps to Create Account on Rocketx

If you’d like to create an account with us, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website, RocketX.Exchange, and click on “Launch App” in the top corner. 
rocketx account creation step 1

2. Click on “login” on the new window.

rocketx account creation step 2

3. Now, click on “Create Account.”

rocketx account creation step 3

4. Enter your email ID, and click on “Next”. You’ll receive an OTP in your email.

rocketx account creation step 4

If you face any issues creating account on RocketX, please drop a text on our Telegram community where our executives are always active and ready to help.

5. Enter the OTP and tick-mark the terms and conditions box, and click on next.

 rocketx account creation step 5<br />

6. Now, click on “Next” to set the password for your account. 

 rocketx account creation step 6<br />

7. You’re all set to start using RocketX with your account details. 

rocketx account creation step 7

Final Words

Creating an account on RocketX is a smooth process. It does not need the user to share personal identifiable information, although the email is required. However, when it comes to trading on CEXs with amounts exceeding 2 BTC, KYC is mandated for RocketX to ensure it adheres to the necessary regulatory guidelines. Once you have an account on RocketX, you’ll be able to enjoy benefits like no limit on trades, and if you hold $RVF tokens, you will get additional benefits

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