100% Platform Fee discount for RVF token holders

We are absolutely delighted to share the multi-folded benefits of HODLing $RVF tokens!

Multiple Revenue Streams

RocketX generates revenue via multiple services & products it offers as shown below:

RocketX revenue streams.

$RVF Buyback

As the product adoption increases $RVF is going to be very scarce🚀🚀

RVF Buyback after Bitcoin Halving

ZERO FEE Trading — 100% Platform Fee Waiver for $RVF HODLers

Based on the number of RVF tokens held in the address (considering all the 3 networks Ethereum, BNB Chain & Polygon) with which the user initiates the transaction on RocketX.exchange, a discount on the platform fee applies as shown below from Q2 2022:

💠2000 RVF tokens — 25% discount on platform fee
💠100,000+ RVF tokens — 50% discount on platform fee
💠500,000+ RVF tokens — 75% discount on platform fee
💠1,000,000+ RVF tokens — 100% discount on platform fee

However, a minimum fee of $1 applies for Swap, Cross-Chain Swap & Bridge transactions via CEX. The above discount applies if the overall fee is above $1.

Note: The discount on the platform fee is currently supported for swaps initiated from EVM Chains Only.

Early Access to Product Features— for 10K $RVF HODLers

  • HODL 10K or more $RVF and join “10K Club” to get early access to RocketX product features. Not part of “10K Club” yet? Join our Telegram to get access.
  • Participate in bug bounty and win rewards
  • Share feedback and shape the product the way you would love to use it

Shop using $RVF

 The $RVF community can now shop from over 2000 top brands, across 53 countries on CryptoCart, and receive their gift-cards within a matter of minutes: https://giftcards.cryptocart.cc/

Note: Everything mentioned above is indicative and the team has the right to change/modify the token utility at its discretion without prior notice.