HODL RVF crypto tokens of RocketX Exchange, to earn USDT airdrop and more

We are absolutely delighted to share the multi-folded benefits of HODLing $RVF tokens!

Airdrop of 50 % revenue with $RVF HODLers

RocketX generates revenue via multiple services & products it offers as shown below:

RocketX RVF 6 Revenue streams.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that 50% of the revenue generated will be #Airdropped to 100K+ RVF token HODLers based on a pro-rata basis on a quarterly basis effective from Q2 2022.

We will take random snapshots throughout the quarter on all the 3 networks (Ethereum, BSC & Polygon) and consider the average balances to determine the eligible HODLers with an average balance above 100K RVF tokens.

$RVF Token Burn

  • 20% of the platform fee will be used to BUY BACK RVF from the market and BURN RVF on a quarterly basis effective from Q2 2022
  • 100% of the $RVF fee collected by RocketX via Ferrum Token Bridge will be used to BURN $RVF on a Quarterly basis effective from Dec 2021

As the product adoption increases $RVF is going to be very scarce🚀🚀

RVF deflationary tokenomics and RVF token burn details

ZERO FEE Trading — 100% Platform Fee Waiver for $RVF HODLers

Based on the number of RVF tokens held in the address (considering all the 3 networks Ethereum, BNB Chain & Polygon) with which the user initiates the transaction on RocketX.exchange, a discount on the platform fee applies as shown below from Q2 2022:

💠10,000+ RVF tokens — 25% discount on platform fee
💠100,000+ RVF tokens — 50% discount on platform fee
💠500,000+ RVF tokens — 75% discount on platform fee
💠1,000,000+ RVF tokens — 100% discount on platform fee

However, a minimum fee of $1 applies for Swap, Cross-Chain Swap & Bridge transactions via CEX. The above discount applies if the overall fee is above $1.

100% Platform Fee discount for RVF token holders

Early Access to Product Features— for 10K $RVF HODLers

  • HODL 10K or more $RVF and join “10K Club” to get early access to RocketX product features. Not part of “10K Club” yet? Join our Telegram to get access.
  • Participate in bug bounty and win rewards
  • Share feedback and shape the product the way you would love to use it

Updated on 16-Jan-2023

The platform fee received on the Ethereum network via DEXs will be converted to USDT once there is a significant amount accumulated as it doesn’t make sense to do it frequently due to high gas costs.

Hence the airdrop of a % of revenue to 100K holders on a quarterly basis doesn’t include the fee accumulated via DEXs on the Ethereum network. The day on which the fee is converted to USDT will be considered as revenue of that quarter for the airdrop.

However, there is no change to the way the revenue is distributed for the fee collected on the Ethereum network via CEXs.

Updated on 14-Feb-2023

  • Based on the recent update from Paxos regarding BUSD, we will be doing quarterly #Airdrop & the new user rewards going forward in $USDT on BNB Chain.
  • The quarterly $RVF token buyback & token burn is being paused till further notice. We will make use of the revenue to drive user adoption of the product.

Updated on 25-Mar-2023

  • With the Airdrop for Q1-2023 in the 1st week of Q2 – 2023, we would complete 1 year of quarterly Airdrops with 50% of the revenue generated 🎁
  • Based on the feedback from the community, the quarterly #Airdrop is being paused effective Q2-2023. We will revisit the Airdrop/Buyback mechanism once we achieve a monthly revenue of $30K. Till then 100% of the revenue would be utilized towards marketing/growth of the project.
  • To further enhance token utility the requirement to hold RVF to avail 100% discount on the platform fee has been drastically reduced and updated in the blog under the section “ZERO FEE Trading


The airdrop of some % of revenue to $RVF token holders is at our own discretion and subject to change without prior notice.

The no. of tokens to be held for availing discount and % revenue used for #Airdrop may be revised on a quarterly basis.