Simplifying FET Liquidity: RocketX & Network Join Forces

RocketX Integrates Network

A New Era of Decentralized Finance: Network Lands on RocketX’s Cutting-Edge Platform Network has landed on RocketX, the cutting-edge decentralized exchange platform, enabling seamless interoperability with other leading blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With RocketX’s one-click cross-chain swaps, users can easily access liquidity across both centralized and decentralized exchanges, improving the DeFi ecosystem’s accessibility and usability. This exciting integration provides crypto enthusiasts with game-changing options, including the ability to compare prices on both CEX and DEX, swap on CEX from DeFi wallets, and experience the convenience of 1-click cross-chain swaps.

Access Network tokens with minimal fees and ease, and discover the limitless possibilities available only on RocketX. Join the new era of decentralized finance with this exciting development!

Explore the Full Potential of Network, ONLY on RocketX

Discover the limitless possibilities with on RocketX, simplifying access to global liquidity of $FET via a single UI.

  • Boosts’s ($FET) interoperability with all leading blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Solana & 60+ networks. Experience the convenience of 1-click cross-chain swaps.
  • FET Bridge between Fetch network, Ethereum & BNB Chain blockchains.
  • Enables community to swap $FET with the best rates by comparing prices across all leading CEXs & DEXs.
  • Swap on CEX from DeFi wallet and own your assets 💯%
  • Access Network tokens with minimal fees and ease.
  • 🏪 The 1-stop shop DEX for Fetch global community!


Why Are We Excited

”At RocketX, we’re thrilled to integrate to bring their cutting-edge blockchain to our platform. With this integration, we’re simplifying access to global liquidity and boosting interoperability with leading blockchains, providing our community with a seamless and comprehensive DEX experience. We’re excited to be the go-to destination for’s global community!”
– Davinder Singh, Co-founder & CTO, RocketX

”The ecosystem welcomes the integration of our native coin and wallet with the RocketX platform. We’re pleased to see this community-led initiative flourish and look forward to an exciting future for both projects.”
-Kamal Ved – CPO at

Benefits of Interoperability via RocketX

Ready to supercharge your crypto experience?

Accessing the interoperability of Network via RocketX comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • Liquidity Boost: Interoperability with tokens from multiple networks means easy and efficient exchange of cryptocurrencies, resulting in increased liquidity for you.
  • Diverse Asset Access: Connect to multiple networks and expand your portfolio with access to a wider range of assets.
  • Swift Transactions: Interoperability enables faster and smoother transactions between networks, enhancing the speed and efficiency of your transactions.
  • Lowered Costs: Take advantage of lower transaction fees on networks and save big with interoperability.
  • Secure Investments: Interoperability with multiple networks offers added security for your investments, allowing you to choose the network that best fits your security needs.
  • Effortless Navigation: RocketX’s intuitive interface makes accessing and utilizing the token a breeze.

Unlock the full potential of FET token interoperability on RocketX today!

What is

The network is an interchain protocol, based on the Cosmos-SDK, and uses a high-performance WASM-based smart contract language (CosmWasm).

This also allows the network to serve as a layer-1 network for Ethereum and as an interchain bridge to the rest of the blockchain world.

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About RocketX

RocketX is the most advanced hybrid CEX & DEX aggregator that makes it easy to compare prices across 270+ exchanges to help traders with the best prices with every Swap while enjoying 100% ownership of their digital assets.

For dApps & institutions, we act as a middleware by simplifying access to global crypto liquidity via a single API for in-app crypto swaps with best prices and 1-click cross chain capabilities.

We are on a mission to enhance interoperability between blockchains and drive mass adoption of crypto by simplifying access to all leading blockchains via single UI and API.

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